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Personalized and Specialized Entertainment

Kids Party Pal’s Event Packages are uniquely customized for each event.

Check out our event pricing information to get a general idea for the specific costs for your party or event.

Call: 239-931-9009 if you need additional pricing information
before making your deposit.

Any other details you want us to consider.

After you book your event we will contact you to go over your party / event details an and provide more information regarding the final costs for your event. Be sure to see our prices.

A MINIMUM DEPOSIT of $100.00 is required for most of our Party/Event Bookings. Your deposit amount may be more based on the actual services we will be providing.

The balance for your event entertainment package including travel fees (minus your deposit), is due upon arrival of our entertainment associates. If entertainment is not paid within 30 minutes of arrival, a $35 inconvenience fee is expected.

*Your Event will remain pending until we have received an initial deposit and confirm arrangements via text message. If you can not send/receive text messages, we will provide you with an alternative agreement method.

Rainy Day Policy:
We begin work immediately once we take your call or receive your online form, and we are unable to offer refunds. Please call or Text (239) 931-9000 to request any changes in your event plans. Consider the temperature and weather for your guests to be comfortable. We live in a tropical climate and it’s good to consider an indoor venue for inclement weather. Prepare a secondary location should you need. Our motto is THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Disclaimer: The Characters and Mascots that we offer are NOT brand named copyrighted characters, and we make no attempt to market them as such. We wish to make it clear and known that we are not marketing any character which would represent a copyrighted character. All costumes are generic and are provided under strict supervision to prevent copyright infringement. Kids Party Pals only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any liscensed character. Some of our entertainers are independent contractors. If you have any questions regarding our entertainers or copyright issue, we encourage you to contact us.